6 Clever Ways to Organize Your Garage

Saturday Apr 02nd, 2022


Are you the type who can’t park inside their garage because it is full of boxes, tools, and old clothes? Me too!😅 However, a garage should be a place to park your car, organize your supplies and store oversized tools. It should not be a landfill site. To help you improve your garage’s functionality, here are 6 clever ways to organize it.

👉🏼 Add Storage Towers
Plastic storage bins are a staple in any home where you need to organize sports equipment, clothes, or toys. However, storage bins often end up stacked on each other, making it near impossible to get to the bottom box. Install storage towers that fit each box perfectly on its own shelf. On the sides, you can place narrow tools or supplies for extra organization.
👉🏼 Add Wire Shelving
Adding wire shelving is a great way to see exactly what is in your garage. Adding bins to each wire shelf will help keep everything in its place. You can organize everything by need and dedicate a basket to each member of the family.

👉🏼 Add Corner Shelving
Utilize all the space you can by adding corner shelving to your garage. It's conveniently out of the way but still accessible. And because they are in the corner with the support of two walls, they are easy to build.
👉🏼 Hang Up Your Tools
There are a number of ways you can do this. An easy example is to install two nails into the wall next to each other. Flip your shovels over so the widest part sits on top of the nails. And just like that, your shovel is off the floor, no longer a trip hazard, and easy to find when you need it. You could also add a magnetic strip to your garage wall and add magnetic pieces to the handles of your tools for very easy hanging.
👉🏼 Install High Cabinets
In a garage, height is your friend. Use all the wall space you possibly can by installing high cabinets that line the back wall. This way your garage doors will not hit them. High storage can be great for seasonal tools that do not need to be accessed 24/7 or for chemicals that you want to keep out of reach from kids.

👉🏼 Add a Hook
Did you know you can add hooks underneath your garage door track? If you have high garage doors or a low car a great place to store long items like ladders, yard tools or spare pieces of wood is underneath the garage door track.
If you let your garage become an unorganized mess you attract pests, mold, and dust. It is very easy over the years to let your garage turn into a black hole of tools, equipment, old clothes, and old toys. Dedicate some serious time to figuring out how you can utilize your garage space and create some calm within the chaos.

Happy sorting!🛠

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