Different Types of Patio Styles!

Monday May 28th, 2018


It's patio season once again, and whether your outdoor space consists of a simple terrace or an expensive backyard with a pool, it can be a reflection of your own personal taste and style, and even mimic the design elements of your interior, creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living. The best outdoor entertaining areas are ones that are curated by you, designed to delight your senses first. So think of your outdoor living space as a blank canvas and get creative! To help your process along, we’ve included 10 fabulous design styles that we think will inspire you. As you’ll see, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful, creative and well put together. Find one that speaks to you and decorate away!


This classic never gets old with its crisp bold colours and liberal use of textures like rope and twine. Set sail, matey! 


Weathered paint and distressed finishes, rocking chairs, and antique quilts. Black, cream, and white are the mainstays. Sunflowers, peonies, or daisies in clear mason jars complete the look. Pass the lemonade!  

Shabby Chic

Romance wins the day with repurposed chandeliers and vintage mirrors, white-washed chairs, and furniture. Add in the trademark lavender sprays and set it all on a background of dreamy whites, creams, and soft pinks. At night, use candles liberally.
Retro- Think metal furniture in an array of primary colours, preferably red, yellow, and apple green. Don’t forget the Radio Flyer wagon and the pitcher of Kool-Aid!


No summer is complete without at least one afternoon in a Muskoka chair on a dock somewhere. Canadian style includes rustic accents, hand-sewn furniture, lots of logs, and the occasional antler donning a pillow. Colours are all-natural: bark, the gamut of gray and linen, and eroded reds. 


Rattan or wicker furniture, a palm leaf ceiling fan, pineapple accents, and lots of frond motifs in every tone of green and blue will slip you away to an island paradise!


Clean lines, low silhouettes, and contemporary furnishings. Bold and understated at the same time with minimal accents and greenery. The focus is all about the structure looked.


A tribute to that late 60’s - early 70’s vibe, Boho uses an abundance of patterned pillows strewn around overlaid rugs, all competing for attention, making it a beautiful chaotic visual. Brass accents. Imagine a sultan’s tent!


The key here is lavish decoration and paint in a wide colour palette with lots of pinks, blues, purples, oranges, greens, and yellows. Nothing dark or heavy or expected! Playful and light-hearted, whimsical style is magical and will bring a smile to your lips every time.

Coastal Chic

The beach theme is tried and true, with seashells, lanterns, folding chairs, glass bottles, and aqua tones. Don’t forget to import a bit of white sand, even if it just fills a bowl on a table. 

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