5 Things That Make Your Home Look Dated and How to Fix Them! Part 2.

Wednesday Sep 28th, 2022


This is part two of last week's article about features that make your home look outdated. These are 5 things that may be making your home look dated!


Carpeting in bathroom

It’s not practical and doesn’t look great. Take the carpet up and put some tiling in there and it will give you an instant update. If you have carpet throughout the rest of your house and you’re finding that it is flat and worn and the underpadding has thinned out, rip that carpet up and replace it. Removing carpet is a very affordable process and most people can do it themselves. Regarding replacing carpeting, my advice is to save a little money on the carpet itself and go with high-quality, thicker under padding. Under padding makes all the difference and is money well spent.


Shell-shaped pieces in your bathroom

This can include your toilet seat or your sink, they are dating your space drastically. Going with a little more modernized round, square or rectangular sink will give you a drastic upgrade. It’s going to look nicer, be easier to clean, and certainly bring your washroom into modern times. Replacing your toilet seat is very affordable and extremely easy, almost anyone can take this project on.



Time to say goodbye to the brass door knobs throughout the house and upgrade to a modern, darker, flat throughout your home. Door knobs receive a lot of wear and tear and are very visible. If you currently have the round door knobs, I would think about lever door knobs as they are more ergonomic, for instance, if you have your hands full, and also give off a much more modern vibe.


Block glass wall

This was big in the 80s and 90s and we still see it in place because it’s quite a piece to remove. If you walk into a home that has been fully renovated but still has glass block pieces, this will give you an idea of the age of the home. If you’re doing renovations and are wondering if you should remove them or just work around them, I definitely think you should remove them and start fresh with a new window. If this is not in the budget, you can hang sheer curtains over them that will still let some light through but camouflage the aged piece.


Different flooring

If you have multiple flooring changes throughout any one floor of your house it’s likely making it look dated. If you can stand in one spot and see tile, carpet, and hardwood without even moving, your flooring is likely aging your home. This is not a very modern up to date look and is not being done anymore. Of course, this is a pretty big upgrade to make and requires significant time and money so may not be in the budget. If you can, replace all flooring on the main floor of your house with the same flooring. Several types of flooring can go right over existing tile flooring so at least the removal process will be made easier. It’s not going to go over the carpet of course, but this is the easiest type of flooring to remove, so it’s a good one to have to deal with. This way you can update your flooring without ripping out the existing flooring. Vinyl plank flooring comes in many colours, is often very durable, has different levels of being water resistance, and is relatively easy to install.

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