5 Ways to Prepare When Your Parents Move in With You!

Friday Jun 10th, 2022


➡️ Discuss concerns about why the change is necessary

Talk with your parents and spell out your concerns about why you are thinking a change is necessary. Approach this topic carefully and with love as this may come as a shock to them. Alternatively, they may already have another plan in mind, perhaps they’ve already started to explore help coming into their home or assisted living facilities.


➡️ Assess your home environment

This process may be similar to childproofing and you must assess the safety and logistics of your home. This may be when you enlist the assistance of an occupational therapist to look at things a little differently. Some things to consider are bathroom safety, extra handrails on stairs, and wider doors for wheelchairs.


➡️ Determine your financial resources

Most changes you make to your home are going to come at a cost. Then there is food, extra care, and transportation for your parents when they move in. Discuss up front how all of these are going to be handled. If you have siblings, they should be part of this conversation as well. Don’t forget that some government programs can assist with extra costs and ongoing care.


➡️ Set up help

You need to assess their needs and understand that their needs are going to change over time. Look at Paid caregivers, community services like meal delivery, and rides to community programs. Don’t be afraid to lean on the help of family and friends – you’re not in this alone.


➡️ Re-evaluate to ensure the best decision is made

Touch base with all parties involved to discuss once again if this is the best option for everyone. Sometimes we get so bogged down in the details of making it work that we can’t see the forest for the trees. Now that you’ve walked through the entire scenario, take a step back and make sure this is still the best option for everyone involved.

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