I Want to Sell My Home, but Where Do I Start?

Wednesday Jan 13th, 2021


If you're thinking about selling, as I mentioned in last week's video, now is a great time to do just that. But if you're concerned about where or how to start, you feel the process is overwhelming or you don't know where to begin- DON'T PANIC!  It is a very involved and lengthy process, but really the only thing you need to do is find a trusted real estate agent whose shoulders you can lean on to go through the whole process on your behalf. 

When I list a home, and by the time I come to see your home, I have already completed a great deal of research and come armed with a RE/MAX Jazz book that is all about you, your home, the area, and comparable homes. Inside this book, among other things is a list of comparables so you can rest assured that we are pricing your home properly to get the right exposure in front of the right audience so you can make sure you're getting the money you deserve out of your home.  Also included in this book is a flowchart with all the steps involved in selling your home. We will go over this so you can rest assured that all of these steps are being taken care of, but the beautiful thing is that you don't need to take care of anything.  You can continue all of the things in life and let me do the hard work. That's what you've hired me for, that's what I've been trained for and that's what I'm happy to do. So if you're thinking about selling, what you need to do is hire a trusted realtor and lean on the shoulders of that realtor.  From putting the signup to coordinating the marketing to coordinating the showings, dealing with offers and any conditions in the offers all the way to sending all the paperwork to your lawyer, me and my team at my office take care of all of this for you. 

If you are looking for a trusted realtor, my name is Crystal Powell and I am a life-long resident of the Durham region and a full-time realtor if you have any questions about the market, are thinking about selling, or all things real estate, I would be thrilled to talk to you.   My number is (905) 263 4412; talk soon. 

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